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Friday, August 20, 2021

Chair Yoga Wednesday August 18, 2021

We continue our "deep thoughts" today with a little bit about seeing things from a new perspective (check out what I wrote here on the regular blog. We work more with that new sequence, with a core focus, and hopefull come out with a bit more ability to handle the middle of the week with style and grace. s

Wednesday, August 18, 2021

AT LONG LAST A NEW POST! Chair Yoga Monday August 16, 2021

After a year, the videos are back. A long talk about breath spurred by a question about having difficult "controlling" the breath, a discussion of force vs. control, and introduction of a fun sequence that will show up in all the classes this week. We're on my back porch as there is construction going on my house (still, after two years). Where there is a will, and a chair, there is a way to do yoga.

Sunday, January 10, 2021

Kids Krafts Wednesday December 23, 2020

 New Year's Noisemakers

Supplies & Instructions

    1. Partially fill a clean, dry plastic container (or tin) with beans, rice, small pebbles or plastic beads. Do not overfill.
    2. Use heavy duty tape (like Duck™ brand) to seal any holes and secure the top permanently. 
    3. Cover entire container with same tape, and/or decorative stickers.
    4. Add labels, paint marker decorations, etc.
    5. Shake, shake, shake to bring in the New Year or anytime your dance party needs some extra noise!
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    Wednesday, December 16, 2020

    Kids Krafts Wednesday December 16, 2020

     Paint Splatter Snow Prints


    • Old toothbrushes
    • Tempera or Watercolor paint
    • Water
    • Medium to Large Cardboard box
    • Art or Construction Paper
    • Apron & Paper towels


    1. Put on apron.
    2. Put a piece of paper in the open box. Feel free to cut off the flaps so it's easier to access the inside.
    3. Dip a toothbrush in water
    4. For tempera paint, dip brush bristles lightly in the paint. For watercolor, rub the wet bristle around the paint pad for a bit to transfer color to them.
    5. Hold the brush close to the head, place the thumb on the bristles, and with the brush close to the paper, rub the thumb across the bristles a few times.
    6. Rinse off the brush, gently dry it on a paper towel, and try another color. 
    7. Repeat! Change colors and paper as desired.
    8. Experiment with different brush types, moving the thumb faster or flower, even shaking the brush at the paper instead of running the thumb on the bristles. How does this change the splatter pattern?
    9. What if there's more or less water in the paint? How does that change the splatter?
    10. When done, set aside to dry, being careful to not tilt the paper so that the splatter dots don't drip.
    11. When dry, sign the artwork and add other features (maybe even cottonball snowpeople).
    ©BYOMyoga in cooperation with Mindful Behavior, LLC. All rights reserved.