These videos are for personal viewing only. To use in a commercial, educational, or training program, or to download for distribution, please reach out for permission and licensing information to



If the video you've selected isn't playing properly, try these steps:

1) Clear your internet browser cache.

2) The video quality is 360p. The quality of your home or cell-phone network can affect how smoothly videos play. You need at least 0.7mpbs from your provider and to your device to view the videos smoothly. If there are multiple devices on your network, then the connection is shared between them which may reduce the speed that your device receives.You can check your internet-to-device speed at

To find out if your Internet Service Provider is HD Verified, visit the Video Quality Report.

3) Recommended: download the video file to your local device to watch it. Click on the video once, When the large arrow displays in red, if you're using a mouse, right-click (on a tablet, press and hold) to show the context menu, and select "Save As..." Save that file to a local folder, then open the file from there to view it. You can keep it or delete it afterwards. 

I know this isn't as convenient as watching it from YouTube (which will buffer the file automatically), I'm using a file storage platform (Google Drive) not a video one, so it's a little bit trickier. I hope these tips help.

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